Nada Chikitsa (The Healing Touch of Music) – Sri H.V.Krishna Swamy

What is Nada Chikitsa?
(Means Curing ailments through music)
Music is a force that unites humanity world over. Music has for centuries been known to have a pleasing appeal to both humans and animals. Music is such an overwhelming form of expression; it moves child, beast and man alike. Needless to say, Music has a divine status in the Hindu Tradition. Be it the bards singing ballads, The Afro-Americans their blues, Mira her bhajan, music frees you unlike anything else. Also there would be no compromise on the musical standards one has to set for oneself. The line of thrust here is that, music is a personal art, it is free, it is an equalizer. A listener is as much a musician as the singer is.

Music is an expression of emotions, a swapping of energies, an open confession to God by the preacher and listener alike. Parents should encourage their wards to learn the art, if not to practice at least to appreciate. There is no age to start learning. After all at no point of time in your life does music ever depart from you. It is present as a lullaby, a hymn, a carol, or a wedding song. Music is easiest way to attain salvation.

Music is a harmonizing factor in, today’s world which is full of conflicts and tension. Transgressing man-made frontiers, music sends the message of harmony, peace and brotherhood. Musical Ragas (tunes) are said to help treatment of patients with afflictions of physical and mental nature, in certain conditions.

PARAMA POOJYA SRI GANAPATI SACHCHIDANANDA SWAMIJI of Mysore, India, has been conducting Spiritual Music Concerts for meditation and Healing (Nada Chikitsa) in India and many foreign countries including Europe, America and Caribbean Islands and Malaysia etc. This is the medicinal melody prescribed by Sri Swamiji for all ailments and conditions ranging from coma to cancer and migraine to mental depression.

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